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Lerryn Johnson, 2D, 3D Artist.

E-Mail: LerrynJohnson@rynjart.com

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/ryn_digitalart

Objective: To work on fun, creative, and challenging projects in a team-oriented environment. To grow artistically and share my passion and knowledge with co-workers.

Education: Purdue University (2017- )  Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Game Studies.

Trident Technical College (2012 - 2016) Degree of Associate of Science

Professional Work: 

Freelance digital artist (Lafayette, 2018) Created pixel art and animations for a client.

I designed the main character and created an idle animation, walk cycle, and jumping animation and various enemies with an attack animation. Game assets included obstacles, health gauges, buttons, etc. I also created different backgrounds and tiles to match the environment (Lava, ice, dirt, dungeon).

Lover of all game platforms

Extreme passion for art
Able to work, and perform well, under tight deadlines.
Capable of working with minimal supervision independently.
Enjoys working in a collaborative environment.
Highly Self motivated.
Ability to receive, and adapt to, as well as offer feedback.
Enjoys challenges & embraces change.
Approaches life with positivity and curiosity. 

Loves to learn.

Concept design and illustration of various subject matters in different styles, both digitally and traditionally.
Great verbal and written communication skills.
Proficient in use of Photoshop.


English (native)



Currently residing in Newbury Park, California
E-Mail: LerrynJohnson@rynjart.com