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Who Am I?

My Experience


I am majoring in Game Studies and have taken courses in game development, programming, and character art, to name a few. I have been creating digital paintings for over nine years and character designing all my life. I have worked as a digital artist for the past couple of years in a variety of freelance positions and personal projects.

My Skillset

The redrawing of a picture of a popular anime character

A sharp eye for detail allows me to create realistic digital images. My eye for detail transfers well into 3-D art and programming. I can also create semi-realistic or even cartoonish images. I work efficiently while still providing quality, professional, work. I possess great communication skill and being able to work alone or with a team.

My Passions

Image of a lizard

Outside of work, I enjoy video games, watching anime and cartoons, reading and writing and listening to music, all of which inspire me. I also enjoy time out with friends and good food. I also love to keep my portfolio updated.


Sign up to get first dibs on specials, sales, events and more!